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The WebUntis Agenda module assists you with room and resource administration. Your WebUntis specifies which rooms and resources you can book and which ones you can reserve. Reservations must still be confirmed by the room administrator.


Room / resource list

A room or resource list provides information on the rooms and resources available. Various parameters can be entered here such as room capacity.


There are various functions depending on the problem to be solved:


Change room

Use Room change if you need a different room for an existing lesson.


Book room

If you require a room at a specific point in time, use Book room to solve the problem. A room booking actually creates an activity with the room, i.e. an additional lesson is created.


Book resource

Use Book resource when you require a resource at a particular point in time. This function actually only books the resource and does not constitute an activity.


New activity

If you wish to schedule an activity at a particular point in time but do not wish to base it on a room, then create a New activity . A date is set here, too.


New lesson

A new lesson assists with planning activities , but you do not need to specify a date and time when you create it.


Additional periods

You can schedule Additional periods for all lessons imported from Untis and which have been newly created.



You can arrange an appointment which other teachers or perhaps even classes attend.


Bookings list

The Bookings listshows you all the above-mentioned activities.