Types of activities

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Various activity types can be defined under <Master data> | <Types of activities> such as lectures or seminars. Activities can be assigned to these activity types.





If you create a type of activity anew you can define if you want these activities to be transmitted to Untis or not. Furthermore, there is the option to assign user groups or to set this type of activity as default. Only after an activity type has been assigned to a user group, the respective users can create activities of this type.






Priorities of activity types


Aktivity types which are created in WebUntis can be assigned priorities.The basic ideas is borrowed from Untis events and can be described the following:


Students can be displaced from a lesson of normal priority by a lesson of higher priority. The teacher of the original lesson of regular priority needs to be informed that the respective students are not absent, but participating in a school event of higher priority.


In the following example some students of class 1a and 1b attend the school event 'Excusrion: Haus der Musik' which is of higher priority.




Not all students take part in this excursion, some students remain in the regular lessons. Teachers who are holding the regular lessons see that some students are taking part in this excursion:





For the activity 'Excursion:Haus der Musik' there are the respective complementary class register lists:





With th priority field you can define types of activities in WebUntis which automatically initiate that students are 'taken out' of a lesson of lower priority.