User profile

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After logging in you will see the menu items that are available to you based on the user rights assigned to you.


You can modify your user profile by clicking on your user name at the top right.


General tab





First, change the password that was assigned to you by clicking on the <Password button.


The user group assigned to you, your Untis teacher name, department and the 'maximum permitted number of open bookings' can only be changed by an administrator. The data is displayed for information purposes only.


Now select the language, in which you wish to use WebUntis and enter your e-mail address. The e-mail address is required for you to receive notifications via WebUntis. Fields 'Max. open bookings' and 'Open bookings' are only available with the Agenda module.


You can combine the messaging system with your e-mail application by forwarding messages you receive to your e-mail address. The prerequisite is that a mail server is in general available for the system.