Substitution lists

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The WebUntis basic package (WebUntis Info) allows you to show substitution lists.


This function needs to be activated in every browser first, i.e. the WebUntis administrator needs to register in the respective browser. Under <Administration> | <Monitor views> | <Substitutions> the administrator can create new substitution lists. Click on <Show in this browser> in order to activate this list.





In general it is now possible to show or hide all existing columns individually in the substitution lists.


Another new feature is the option to also show the break supervisions in the substitutions.





Moreover - as you are used to with Untis substitution lists - you now can activate a header in which absent or affected classes and teachers are shown. You also have the option to show the 'Messages of the day'.


Daily texts originating in Untis are imported to WebUntis as Messages of the day . For every individual message of the day you can specify if it should be shown in the respective substitution list or not.


The following illustration shows an example for typical substitution lists which can be displayed at different school monitors.







In the following you will see how you can control the substitution lists manually by URL manipulation:




<SCHOOL> is the name of the school of the WebUntis login.


<FURTHER PARAMETERS> are further parameters which can be stated.


An example of such URL: .../WebUntis/


Examples for further parameters:



The height of the table in pixel; 0: entire free space; default: 0



The font size of the table contents in pixel (the size of the headlines, etc. is automatically adjusted); default: 16



The interval for scrolling to the next page in seconds; default: 30



The offset of the query time frame relative to the chosen date, e.g. dateOffset=1 to show the data of the next day;

default: 0