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Life in a school centres on the school timetable. Students, teachers and parents must be kept informed about the timetable and changes that are made to it each and every day. Until fairly recently school timetables were published exclusively in paper form. As the World Wide Web becomes more prevalent, this type of publication is increasingly being replaced by electronic publishing.



WebUntis not only continues electronic publishing, it opens up whole new possibilities because it represents a tool that is not confined to just a few individuals in the school management, it can also be used to advantage by all teachers, students, parents and everybody involved.



The Agenda module allows teachers to access information at any time about free rooms and resources and where necessary to book these resources on the spot. This relieves central administration and makes it easier for individual teachers to obtain the resources that they require for their lessons.


Moreover, additional lessons that are not scheduled centrally such as irregular remedial teaching can also be entered. These types of lessons augment the timetable.



Keeping a class register is usually an inconvenient task that is made more difficult as a result of the paper-based class register not always being available where it is required. For class teachers (form teachers) the class register entails additional work because if the information in the class register is not just collected for its own sake, it also has to be processed once more at the end of the school term or year so that information required can be extracted from it.


The Class Register module makes this administrative task easier and it also makes required reports available at all times at the push of a button. Since the electronic class register is not just available during lessons in the classroom because it can be accessed at any time via the internet and/or intranet, the teaching content does not need to be entered during the lesson, meaning that there is more time available for teaching. The teaching content can be accessed at any time and so individual teachers can benefit from what they have entered.



Some school systems allow students to select (optional) courses in addition to normal compulsory courses. In general, administering these course choices with forms is very time-consuming. The WebUntis Student module enables students to choose their desired courses online. A number of additional functions are available to assist this such as maximum registration time frames, course size and waiting lists. Individual course selections are then transferred to the Untis timetable system at the press of a button.