Administration rights

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The following rights relate to the administration of WebUntis:





School year / Time grid


The school year and the time grid must match those in Untis in all cases. A change is therefore only necessary when the school year of the time grid changes in Untis. Otherwise, no changes must be made here.


User administration


The user administration right allows you to create and edit user groups and users .


Timetable formats


This option allows you to create various timetable formats.


Messages of the day


The message of the day is prominently displayed for all users when they log in and is therefore a good way of communicating important information.




Gruber & Petters only perform backups for the operational area. You can use this right if you wish to archive backups.


Access via Untis


You must enter a user together with a password in Untis if you wish to transfer data from Untis to WebUntis. This user must be assigned this right.