Importing student images

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An image can be stored for each student. This can be effected for each student individually or automatically for all students.


Student images – manual assignment


One possibility of assigning an image direct in the master data sheet for the individual student:


Select <Master Data> | <Students> and click on the <Edit> button for one of the students. The student's master data sheet will open. Now click on the <Upload image> button.





If necessary, enter the maximum width and height for the image and select the appropriate image file from the usual 'Open file' dialogue.


The student's picture will now be displayed in his/her master data sheet and if desired in the class register:






Warning: Repeated import

If you import new student images for students who already exist in the system and they are not displayed, your browser might have cached the old ones. In this case, please clear the cache of your browser.


Student images – adding automatically


The student list (<Master Data> | <Students> ) also provides the <Import photo > function:





If you click on the <Import photo> button, a page will be displayed in which you can enter the name of a zip file containing the image data. The names of the individual image files must conform to one of the following conventions:






Note: No path information

The zip file must not contain any path information to the image files (do not use folders).


You may also specify a maximum image height and width.