Subject not possible once per day

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If you want to schedule a 7-period lesson in a 5-day week in seven single units, WebUntis does not have a valid solution to this task and therefore it indicates this weakness in your entries before you even have scheduled one single period.





Click on the button next to the diagnosis item and WebUntis will suggest all possible measures which will solve the problem. In this case:


Change requirement

Change block requirement





By clicking on the suggested solution you are directed to the view where you can change any entries necessary.


Change requirements

Clicking on this link directs you to the entry of those requirements which can be defined for this subject. If you check the box ‘Several times a day’ next to the subject (in this case DLS) then it is permitted to schedule the 7-period DLS lesson several times a day which therefore makes flawless scheduling possible again.





Block requirement


An alternative would be to allow for double-periods or blocks for this 7-period lesson. This would also be a possibility to find a good solution for scheduling this lesson.





Refresh view


When you have chosen one of the possibilities suggested to you, then click on the Refresh button, diagnosis is refreshed and this item will disappear.