Define couplings

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You can define lesson requirements for two lessons which shall take place at the same time.


In our example below, for instance, lesson RK of class 1a shall take place at the same time as lesson RE which is attended by several classes.


Select lesson RK from the list of lessons. Click on the <Coupling> button.





You will be asked to select the lesson you want to be coupled to the first lesson you have selected from the list of lessons.




Select lesson RE and confirm by clicking on the <Coupling> button. Since lesson RE is only a single period lesson, the number of weekly periods is automatically set to 1. The result is a planning unit with one weekly period RK and one planning unit with RK and RE.




Coupled lessons show the coupling icon next to their name.





A coupled lesson is shown as such when scheduling a timetable and is – regardless if automatically or manually – scheduled at the same time (see chapter: Manual scheduling).





You can de-couple lessons by clicking on <De-couple>.