Schedule and unschedule periods

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Drag the lesson you want to schedule from the list and drop it on the position in the timetable you it to be scheduled. As an alternative, you can select the timetable by clicking on it. You then schedule it by clicking on the position in the timetable where you want to have it.





If a position is not suitable for scheduling because an element is e.g. blocked (time request --) or because it has already been scheduled, it will be highlighted in red as you can see in our example on Monday. Teacher Gauss is blocked by a time request on Monday.




A time request with a single minus (-) is highlighted in orange.





In the lesson you see the number of units to be scheduled and the number of already scheduled units of this lesson.





If you want to unschedule a lesson, just drag it from the timetable and drop it on the left side next to the timetable.





Alternatively, you select the period and by clicking on <Unschedule> you take it out of the timetable.




All periods already scheduled can be taken out of the timetable by clicking on <Unschedule all>.