Time grid

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Time grid Use the time grid to specify on how many days in the week lessons are held, how many periods per day are used for teaching and which of these periods are regarded as morning or afternoon periods.


The following times have been entered for the school in the example below:

5 days per week (Monday to Friday)

10 periods per day

a maximum of 4 afternoon periods per day

no lessons on Friday afternoons


The 10 periods per day are divided into 6 morning and 4 afternoon periods. The distinction between morning and afternoon is important for the position of a possible lunch break and can also influence – with additional settings – when lessons are scheduled (e.g. fringe periods, optional subjects, etc.).


In our example there are only 6 periods taught on Fridays. You can achieve this by marking the 7th to 10th periods and pressing the <Free> button.


Enter the length of each period in the relevant fields in the grid for the individual periods. This allows you to enter different durations for e.g. afternoon and evening periods, if necessary.