Time requests for classes

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With Untis you can enter individual time requests for each element (i.e. teachers, classes, rooms, subjects), for each lesson, for each period of the day and for each day of the week. Request weighting ranges from -3 (do not schedule lessons here under any circumstances) to +3 (schedule a lesson here if at all possible). You can enter time requests for classes by clicking on the <Time requests> iconKE_013in the toolbar of the master data window.


Core times

If you want Untis to begin scheduling periods in the first period of the morning , enter a time request of +3 in the periods when lessons should take place at all costs. This was done for the first to the fourth periods in this example. This is called the core time. The optimisation algorithm treats violations of the core times as very serious infringements.






Differentiated time requests

You can use the time requests +2 to -2 for lessons which may in principle be scheduled at any time but for which you wish to set preferences The time request for class 1b can be explained as follows:


Lessons must take place between the first and fourth periods at all costs. Lessons should be held in the fifth and sixth periods but preferably not in seventh period. There should be no lesson in the eighth period and there must be no lessons scheduled in the ninth and tenth periods. You can adjust to what degree the time requests (+3 to -2) will be taken into account during automatic scheduling compared to other input (please refer to chapter Weighting ).






Note: Time request -3

A time request of -3 is equal to an absolute block and therefore does not require any further weighting.