Time requests for teachers

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In most cases, teacher's’ time requests are of particular importance. Untis therefore permits lessons to be scheduled in a way that takes individual teachers' wishes and needs into consideration.


First select a specific teacher by clicking in the corresponding row of the grid view under 'Master data | Teachers' and then click on the <Time requests> button. The time request window will now be displayed for input.


Specific time requests

Use the upper section of the time requests window to enter time requests for specific days and periods.


In the example teacher Gauss would 'rather like to' teach on Tuesdays, 2nd – 5th periods, whereas he would 'rather not' teach in the first period each day. Thursday is teacher Gauss' day off.





Unspecified time requests

It is also possible to enter unspecific time requests in the lower section of the window. You can accept a teacher's request for a day off on any day of the week by selecting 'Days' in the column 'Time range', '1' in the column 'Number' and 'Unconditional blocking' in the column 'Time request' You can also formulate time requests for half days (mornings or afternoons) in the same way.


Teacher „Rub“ in the example should be granted a day off during the week as well as two free afternoons if possible.







Unspecified time requests apply in addition to specific time requests, i.e. they are cumulative. For example, if Monday is blocked and there is an unspecified request for a day off, a total of two days are to be kept free.




Tip: Unspecified time requests

You should use unspecified time requests whenever possible. If a teacher needs a day off, for example, Untis will then determine the day (or half-day) to be kept free based on the specifics of the timetable. This avoids placing unnecessary restrictions on optimisation and allows timetables to be better calculated.