Tafara 1 High School

Successful implementation of professional timetable solutions in Zimbabwe.

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Tafara 1 High School in Harare is one of the largest high schools in Zimbabwe with about 1500 students.

Mr. Chouraya is one of the teachers (senior teacher) and responsible for timetables. He says:

"Manual Timetabling had always been a head ache for the school and clashes could not be successfully resolved. With over 100 teachers, 60 classes, offsite classrooms and having teachers teaching both morning and afternoon classes, as the timetabling committee we always dreaded working on the timetable. We also tried ASC timetabling software but it could not accommodate the complexities of our timetable.

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Complementary image for the product

Relief came when the school bought Untis Timetabling software in January 2013. Every scenario we wanted on the timetable was met. Time requests and setting offsite lessons is well programmed in your software. Clashes are a thing of the pastnow.

Making changes after the timetable has been done is now a matter of minutes.

Untis is the best of the best. Thank you for such a great piece of software."

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Article issued in May 2014
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