Photograph of the founders of Gruber&Petters

company profile

From the beginning Bernhard Gruber and Heinz Petters have had one thing in common: their passion for computers and programming. In January 1970 the two young gentlemen wrote their first timetable program for schools on the IBM System 360 mainframe computer. The programming language at that time was called Assembler. In 2010 Bernhard Gruber and Heinz Petters celebrated their company's 40th anniversary. They love to think back, but they love it even more to think about what the future will bring. Since 1970 the company has developed, and today 35 employees work for Gruber & Petters in various departments, such as Development, Sales, Support and Administration.


Gruber & Petters provides its customers with a wide range of products and services, from our product family to targeted user support and regular trainings. On special request we also provide you with tailor-made solutions. In addtion to the timetable program of our Untis software we have developed a lot of useful tools in the last years. Our Untis product family supports you with the approriate modules in many areas of school management, assists you in your daily lesson and cover planning and in break supersivion and teachers' pay.

Photograph of the Gruber&Petters team


Each year we launch a new version of our products. It is presented in spring in Salzburg, an event to which we always invite customers and experts from all over Europe. This close contact to our users sets the course for developments in the following year.

International portfolio

Our products are used all over the world and are provided in more than 35 languages. Schools in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finnland, the Netherlands, South and Central America, Spain, Portugal, Poland, France, Italy and South Africa use Untis successfully for scheduling their timetables. According to our principle to uncompromisingly maintain data compatible from top to bottom and vice versa, data are also 'sideways' compatible in all language versions.

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