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Professional scheduling and substitution planning via Web, Digital class register, School communication, Push notifications, etc.

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Untis is the comprehensive solution for timetable planning, lessons and school communication.

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Timetables, lessons, teacher substitutions, rooms, break supervisions…

Your tasks include creating complex timetables, quickly finding an adequate substitution or a free room, or you need to schedule teaching units and break supervisions, and these are just some of the administrative challenges school administration is confronted with every day. Untis always keeps you up to date and helps you keep an eye on everything while giving you more time for the important tasks of everyday school life.

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Digital class register, appointments, parent-teacher days…

It is easy to digitally organise lessons, appointments, excursions or parent-teacher days, and stay on top of it all. With the electronic class register you can document absences and grades of students, make class-register entries, view evaluations and analyses, and a lot more. With only a few clicks, you can coordinate school events like parent-teacher days, office hours or excursions online.

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WebUntis messanges, Untis Mobile app, ...

Untis makes communication between teachers, students and parents easier than ever before. WebUntis messages make all online school-related communication fast and safe, and with the Untis Mobile app on your smart phone you always have the up-to-date timetable and all important information at hand.

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Analytics & Keeping Records

Lesson content, absences, absence times, teacher deployment, …

With Untis and WebUntis, you can digitally document and analyse comprehensive data volumes of an entire school year. Helpful statistics with all information at a glance are always at hand. Create overviews of which colleague had how many substitutions or cancellations in a certain time range or stay on top of students’ absence times.

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This is how well-organised your everyday work would be with Untis!

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Teacher Callas does not feel well and cannot hold her lessons.
Teacher and substitute scheduler Cervantes must quickly find an adequate substitute for her colleague Callas.
Substitute teacher Ander receives a push message and prepares for the substitute lesson.
Student Benjamin opens his up-dated timetable on his smart phone before his lessons start.
Teacher Cervantes' first lesson starts with checking her students' presence.
Teacher Cervantes makes a class register entry in her first teaching lesson of the day.
During lunch break, teacher Cervantes sends an interesting newspaper article to her biology class 2a.
In her NTP (non-teaching period), teacher Cervantes prepares her excursion with her biology class 2a on Friday.
Teacher Cervantes asks herself, whether the parents of class 2a have already read her message on their excursion on Friday.
Studen Benjamin's parents register online for the up-coming parent-teacher day.
The term comes to an end, and scheduling (the timetable) for the following school year starts.


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