Untis' first 50 years

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before 1970

The early years - how it all began

Bernhard Gruber and Heinz Petters shared an early connection through their fascination with computers and programming. In January 1970, the two created their first timetable program for schools on the IBM mainframe computer S/360. Assembler was the programming language used then.

1970 | Founding Untis

In this building, Untis was founded on 7 January 1970.

It all began at the IBM building located on Vienna's Danube Canal. In a corridor, Bernhard Gruber and Heinz Petters worked on the first computer-aided optimisation of a timetable. It was important for them to have access to a puncher. (If you want to know what that is, you best have a look in a historic encyclopaedia on data processing ;-).

1972 | The first user meeting in Salzburg

Salzburg Meeting: Focusing on the user

Our Salzburg Meeting has changed over the years and decades, and today it is a platform used for intensive exchange on different levels: from school authorities to multipliers to countries. Additionally, the work of the past year is presented, innovations are introduced and ideas for the future are discussed.

1978 | Head office in Stockerau, Lower Austria

The first office

In 1978, Gruber & Petters bought an appartment on the ground floor of Wolfikstraße 32, Stockerau, Lower Austria. It would be there first office.

1986 | pc-Untis

Untis for personal computers

In fall 1984, pc-Untis was used in real operation at schools for the first time. The first PC version of the timetable scheduling program Untis was introduced to about 70 invited guests at the Belvedereschlößl Palace in Stockerau, representing a big step forward.

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1995 | Anniversary

25 years Gruber&Petters

Up to the 2000s, only Bernhard Gruber and Heinz Petters worked on Untis. They were supported almost from the beginning by Christine Gruber, and later also by Christine Petters. The first non-family employee was Gerda Tischnofsky, who joined them in 1981. In 1995 all of them celebrated the 25th anniversary of Untis.

2005 | WebUntis

Untis has continuously been developed and improved. In 2005, the first WebUntis version as browser application was added to the desktop version.

Untis has continuously been developed and improved. In 1999, Martin Rösel joined the team. His idea: to create an online version. He was given a largely free hand for it. This entirely new approach to Untis, technically speaking but in part also content-wise, brought about a totally different view and with it, exciting discussions. In the end, WebUntis has proven to be an extremely important investment in the future.

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2006 | Paperless organisation is finally here

Start of the digital class register

The digital class register helps with organising things like student absences and entry of teaching contents. The number of users has, therefore, increased significantly: Every teacher now is a potential Untis user.

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2011 | Untis Mobile

The app development begins

Smart phones are conquering the world, and Untis is starting to develop an app. From now on, the Untis Mobile app shows timetables and substitution schedules on the smart phones of students, parents and teachers.

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2013 | Market leader in timetables

More than 20,000 educational institutions work with Untis

More than 20,000 educational institutions world-wide use our products, from small primary schools to complex universities.

2015 | New organisation and management

Handover to the next generation

On 27 September, 2015, Bernhard Gruber celebrated his 71st birthday. At the beginning of October of the same year, all operative business was handed over to Untis GmbH, a 100% Gruber & Petters GmbH subsidiary. The new managing directors are Christian Gruber and Ruben Ruiz Torrubiano.


It is fascinating to see how communication at schools has changed over the past years. This is our motivation for finding solutions to facilitate everyday school life and make everyday school routine smoother. This is our purpose.

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At this point, we should perhaps reveal what significant impact this has had on our lives, on the history of our company, on our Untis product and now on the lives of our staff:


“We have been working on ONE piece of work for decades. If we were architects this would correspond to a building inhabited by thousands of people, which is continuously improved and re-designed. It is a very special feeling to create and take care of something – now together with many team members – which has an impact on the everyday lives of millions. It is a wonderful feeling.”  

2017 I A new building for Untis

Where we work determines how we work

In 2014, it became clear that our site at Belvederegasse 11 would soon be too small for all of us, so we started the construction of a new building for Untis in 2015.


Untis GmbH's head office thus remains in Stockerau, a town close to Vienna. With our regional partners all over the world as Untis contacts, we're increasing our regional availability and guaranteeing individual and comprehensive service.


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Untis partners

A global network of partner companies helps us today as in the past to service our customers on site in the best possible way.

8 Untis partners in Germany and more than 50 Untis partners world-wide ensure the best possible service on site.

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2018 I Untis Mobile for the first time No 1 in the app store

Untis Mobile ranked first place

At the beginning of the school year, our Untis Mobile app is ranked first place in the app store with over 2.5 million users.

2019 I Our team members

Despite continuous growth and development, Untis always adheres to its values: All of us want to make everything better.

Not only our program has grown over the years, but so has our team. Untis is growing quickly and now employs more than 70 people in development, marketing & sales, support and administration.

2019 I Untis cooperates with the tech start-up Grape

Untis Messenger kick-off

Together with Grape, Untis provides a safe alternative to WhatsApp with its Messenger. It is meant to make school communication significantly easier.

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2020 I Anniversary

Untis celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2020