Untis assists you in creating a timetable suitable for your school.

Entry wizard

Entering data fast and easy

The practical entry wizard supports you step by step when entering basic data and availability – from creating a school year, subjects and classes to teachers to rooms and lessons.

Time requests

Availability of classes, teachers and rooms

Determine when Untis must schedule lessons and when periods need to be blocked. You can enter time requests individually for classes, teacher, rooms and lessons.

How to enter a lesson

How to create a lesson distribution

Enter the period per class, and define if this is a separate lesson, team teaching or a split group

How to schedule a lesson

A piece of cake with the lesson planning wizard

The lesson wizard shows information on distributed lessons quickly and clearly, on over or underload of the teachers, and provides you with several control and scheduling possibilities.


How to define the weighting of criteria

With weighting, you define how important certain criteria are for the automatic timetable optimization for your school.


How to automatically create a timetable

You define the criteria your timetable will be based on. Untis generates various timetables based on a unique algorithm, and you simply select the best one.

Manual editing

How to schedule, swap or change periods manually

Before or after your timetable is finished, you can schedule or change periods manually at any time. This is how you adjust your timetable to your individual requirements, or react to changes on short notice.

The timetable

Display of your timetable

Timetables can be displayed individually from the perspective of the class, teacher, room and subject, or as a whole as an overview plan. The information in the timetable and its design can be individually adapted.

Substitution planning

How to enter absent teachers

Enter absences of teachers in order to be able to plan the consequently open substitution periods much easier.

Substitution planning

Automatically generated substition proposal

Untis automatically generates substitution proposals so that you can quickly and easily select a suitable substitution teacher.

Substitution planning

Substitution statistics at one glance

Only a few clicks, and different substitution statistics give you a good overview on cancellations and substitution periods held by a teacher in a certain period of time, and much more.

Break supervisions

Easy scheduling of break supervisions

Are your students supervised by teachers during their breaks? You can either manually schedule the supervisions or Untis does this fully automatically according to your requirements.

Course scheduling

The ideal timetable for every individual student

Every students receives their individual timetable through individual course selection.

Value calculation

Actual and target value, subject factors calues of time-restricted lessons and much more.

Value calculation gives you answers to questions regarding actual and target periods in individual weeks at one glance. Substitution periods can also be considered.

WebUntis - the perfect addition to Untis timetable scheduling

The online extension to make your everyday school routine easier

WebUntis gives everybody access to their individual timetable from everywhere. You are informed quickly on any changes. Additionally, WebUntis messages can be sent to parents, students and teachers.

WebUntis - many extension modules

Flexible extension with many modules

WebUntis is our basic software which can be extended by many modules: Digitalise your school process with a digital class register, a digital parent-teacher day organization and many other modules.

WebUntis - our online extension

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