WebUntis facilitates and modernises your everyday school routine
Easy collaboration with students, teachers and parents/legal guardians
Flexibility with many extending modules

Get started with WebUntis

Individual timetable always at hand

Your up-dated timetable always at hand - at your computer at school, via internet at home and via your smart phone or tablet when you are on tour. This way, everybody involved is easily and quickly informed on changes in the timetable.

Individual timetable

Just embed a video conference in your WebUntis timetable

If a lesson is to be held as a video conference, you can simply embed the conference link into your WebUntis timetable. This way, all your students have the information immediately that this lesson will be held online.

WebUntis messages

Filters assist you to quickly select the correct receivers of your messages

Filters of the messaging system support you in quickly selecting the correct receivers or receiving groups of your messages. You only need a few clicks for e.g. informing all parents/legal guardians at the same time.

Sending a WebUntis message

Reach out to all parents/leagl guardians at the same time the easy way

Communicating with parents as easy as it has never been before: Sending messages with attachments quickly and easily,and ask for a reading receipt for important messages.

Receipt of a WebUntis message

Informed immediately by push messages

When receiving a new message, a push message appears on your smart phone. The parents/legal guardians can see and read important message immediately and can send a read receipt via our Untis Mobile App.

With Untis Mobile always up to date

With Untis Mobile you always have your timetable up-to-date and at hand

Untis Mobile app shows the up-dated timetable and substitution schedule on the smart phones of all students and teachers. You define, however, which content the target group sees.

Extension of range of functions of Untis Mobile

Quick finding of available rooms

Depending on which WebUntis modules you use (e.g. class register or Agenda), the range of app functions is adequately extended. With the Agenda module, for instance, you can book available rooms.

Digital class register

All the functions of a traditional class register and much more

The digital class register replaces the paper class register entirely, and paperless organisation is finally here. All conventional functions and features of a class register are available, and even more.

Documenting absences in the class register

Absences of students can easily be entered online.

Absences and absence times of students can be documented in no time by checking a student list in the digital class register.

Entries in the digital class register

Easy and fast preparation for any lesson

In the digital class register, teachers can enter or add notes for students to the teaching content quickly and easily. They can also make class register entries, and enter homework and grades.


Just a few clicks for comprehensive analyses

The electronic collection of data is available for you any time, and allows you to generate a large selection of targeted reports for, e.g. the parent-teacher day.

The class register overview

All important information at one glance

The class register overview site gives all teachers the possibility to have a look at teaching content, homework and class register entries of their own lessons.

The class register always at hand

With our Untis Mobile app, you can access the class register any time from anywhere

All class register functions are also available in your Untis Mobile app. Teachers can very easily change or add entries on their smart phone.

Online timtable scheduling

Simple timetables can be planned and optimized online.

Create and optimise timetables easily online with automatic scheduling of periods (optimization).

Fast and easy data entry

Handy entry wizard

From creating a school year, subjects and classes to teachers, rooms and lessons – our handy entry wizard assists you in entering basic data and availabilities step by step.

Entering lesson requirements

Blocks and couplings

Define the format of single lessons by determining blocks and couplings, single or double periods and simultaneous lessons.

Manual timetable scheduling

Schedule or change periods manually

Before or after your timetable is completed, you can schedule or change periods manually at any time. This is how you optimise your timetable even more, or react to changes on short notice.

Optimising timetables

The best timetable suiting your school

Optimise with one click, and immediately receive a finished timetable.

Online substitution scheduling

Schedule substitutions fast and flexible online

You can quickly and flexibly react to short-term changes in the timetable and schedule substitutions online with this web-based solution.

Entries of absences

Absences due to illness of a teacher or any other circumstances ...

The first step in the substitution schedule is to enter absences. These can be entered by the administration or school management. Depending on the setting, teachers can also enter their own absences.

Solving substitution issues

It’s so easy to find an adequate substitution quickly

Substitution scheduling automatically calculates the consequently open substitutions. You can select either cancellation, supervision or substitution. Substitution suggestions help you to find an adequate substitute teacher.

How to reach out to teachers

Teachers can also be easily and pro-actively be asked about a substitution

A teacher can be asked to substitute a certain period in advance. The teacher will be informed via a push notification, and can agree or reject via the app.

How to publish substitutions

How to publish substitution solutions and inform teachers

The last step is publishing the substitutions. Teachers receive a push notification on their smart phone, and everybody involved will see the changes in the timetable.

The substitution counter

Keep control with the substitution counter

The substitution counter assists you in keeping control over the status of the teachers, which makes it easier for you to decide which teacher is suitable for a specific substitution.

Parent-teacher day

Preparing for a parent-teacher day - easier than ever

With the parent-teacher day module, schools can organise the teachers' time slots digitally, and manage them via online registration. Parents/legal guardians can book online time slots for teachers from the comfort of their own home..

Online registartion for parent-teacher day

Parents/legal guardians can register online for the parent-teacher day

Parents/legal guardians can register online for time slots with teachers on the parent-teacher day from the comfort of their own home. Therefore, there are no waiting times on the parent-teacher day.

Ideal preparation of parent-teacher days

How to invite students and enter your own absences

Teachers can invite students to the parent-teacher day, and can enter and adjust their availability.

Keep track of appointments at the parent-teacher day

Appointment & room overview

Appointment overviews and room overviews with all the important information about the parent-teacher day are displayed with one click.

Office hours

Fast and easy registration for an appointment with teachers for their office hours

Parents/legal guardians can book an appointment with teachers for their office hours easily online or by using our Untis Mobile app.
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