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Michalis Giannakopoulos Rochat
Untis Suisse Romande Sàrl
Platières 22A, CH-1219 Aïre
P: +41 079 634 4710
M: mgr(at)untis-sr.ch
W: https://untis-sr.ch/

Our product line

Untis assists you in creating a timetable suitable for your school.

Creation and administration of a timetable is a complex task. Untis assists you in creating a timetable suitable for your school.

Untis is our basic software which automatically creates timetables according to your specifications. Our modules extend the features of the basic package, supporting you in various tasks even beyond creating a timetable.



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WebUntis facilitates and modernises your everyday work at school.

WebUntis keeps you up-to-date at all times, you always stay on top of things and it gives you more time for all the very important issues in everyday school life. It has different applications for all platforms: at your school PC, at home via web and on tour at your smartphone or tablet. 

Teachers, students and parents/legal guardians get access to up-dated timetables and cover schedules, and can therefore always be informed quickly on any changes. You decide who will get access to online information, teachers, students and parents.

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See how work gets done with Untis

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7:00 (copy 1)
Lehrer Callas fühlt sich krank und kann nicht unterrichten
7:20 (copy 1)
Lehrerin und Vertretungsplanerin Cervantes muss schnell eine passende Vertretung für ihren Kollegen Callas finden
7:21 (copy 1)
Vertretungslehrer Ander bekommt eine Push-Benachrichtigung und bereitet sich auf die Vertretungsstunde vor
7:30 (copy 1)
Schüler Benjamin öffnet vor dem Unterricht den aktualisierten Stundenplan auf seinem Smartphone
7:50 (copy 1)
Die erste Schulstunde von Lehrerin Cervantes beginnt und sie überprüft die Anwesenheit der Schüler*innen

Market leader for timetabling - rely on decades of experience

Whether complex timetables, administration of digital class books, organisation of parent-teacher-days, resource and room booking or planning of break supervisions - Untis and WebUntis support you in all these demanding tasks with customized solutions ... and have been doing so for over 50 years.


Your Benefits

  • Individual service
    We are at your service anytime.
  • Flexible - also for smaller schools
    It does not take much to create your timetable.
  • Large scope of functions and features
    Untis provides you with many tools and expansions.