Untis Basic Package

Untis assists you in creating a timetable suitable for your school.

  • Professionally created timetables for everybody
  • Solves even complex tasks in no time
  • Suitable for every school type

Untis basic package

Creation and administration of a timetable is a complex task. Untis assists you in creating a timetable suitable for your school.

Untis is our basic software which automatically creates timetables according to your specifications. Our modules extend the features of the basic package, supporting you in various tasks even beyond creating a timetable. 

Untis Express offers you an easy-to-use timetable program designed specifically for small schools.


And this is how it all works:

Fast and easy entry of data

Our entry wizard assists you in entering basic data and availabilities step by step. Which teachers, classes, rooms and subjects are available at your school? On how many days do lessons take place and how many subjects are only taught in the morning? You answer these and other questions together with Untis.


Flexible timetable generator

You define the criteria on which your timetable will be based. Untis generates different timetables with a unique algorithm and then you choose the one which suits you best.  


Manual editing

Before or after your timetable is finished, you can schedule or change periods manually at any time. This is how you optimise your timetable even more, or react to changes on short notice. 

Diagnosis tool

An integrated diagnosis tool shows any discrepancies in your timetable which can occur, especially after manual editing.

Smarter and faster scheduling – with Untis, the leading timetable software

Choosing Untis means that you decide for a software solution, which will facilitate your everyday school life and which will give you more time to concentrate on other very important issues.
Additional modules extend the basic package features.


Multi-week timetable

Everyday school life does not mean that every week is the same: Some lectures take place every two weeks, others every three weeks. Or the timetable changes the minute the school-leaving exams are completed and certain classes graduate from school. All of these time-related irregularities can be managed by the “Multi-week timetable” module.

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Lesson planning and value calculation

The “Lesson planning” module supports you even before real work scheduling has started – in planning the deployment of teachers. The (contractual) target periods of the teachers are always compared to the currently scheduled actual periods. The “Value calculation” module answers all your questions regarding any substitutions held in the previous month or even in the past year at a glance. Only a few steps are necessary to access interesting and helpful statistic data.

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Substitution planning

Which colleagues are available for substitutions if a teacher falls ill? Are there any standby teachers? Is it possible to shift a later lesson to be held earlier? The “Substitution planning” module provides you with solution proposals with just the click of a button.

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Break supervisions

Are your students supervised by teachers during the breaks? Untis automatically assigns supervision duties according to your specifications.

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Several persons, e.g. timetable scheduler and substitution planners, want to work with the same set of data at the same time. This is very often a must for bigger educational institutions and is made possible by Untis’ “MultiUser” module.

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Calendar and full year planning

Work with real yearly periods. Yearly periods can be scheduled every week at different positions, which is not the case with weekly periods.

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Course scheduling

Since all students can choose their courses individually, all students have their own individual timetable. The Course scheduling module also shows you which optional courses can be held at the same time so that as few non-teaching periods as possible are created for the students.

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Info timetable

Send timetables, statistics or any other information directly from Untis via email to your colleagues.

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Department timetable

Do you sometimes work decentrally on the timetable in individual departments? Untis provides you with the possibility to divide the overall timetable of the school in individual departments.

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