Course planning

The ideal timetable for every student

Students can select their own courses and therefore have their own individual timetable. Course planning also shows which optional courses can be held simultaneously without students ending up with too many NTPs (non-teaching periods).

In many school systems, e.g. in Germany’s sixth form, students can select their lessons individually. This means that it is no longer the classes but the individual students who are the focus of the timetable planning. Since all students can select their courses individually, they have their own personal timetable.  

Course optimisation calculates clusters (lines) of lessons which can take place simultaneously. These clusters are then the basis of the algorithm calculating the timetable.  

The ‘Student timetable’ module is a scaled-down version of the Course planning module. This module is meant for school systems in which students have limited optional choices and relatively many compulsory courses.

With the ‘Course-student overview’ you can assign students to single courses and the optimisation calculates which optional courses can take place at the same time without students ending up with too many NTPs (non-teaching periods).