Info timetable

Timetables and substitution plans can be displayed in break rooms or in the teachers’ room

Ensure that everybody involved is informed as quickly as possible about substitution regulations by displaying all relevant information on screens in public places in the school building. Send timetables, statistics or any other information directly from Untis via email to all teachers. 

The timetable is the organisational core of every school. Therefore, it is important to inform everybody involved about changes which, for instance, occur due to blocked rooms or absent classes or teachers. The head office or the headmaster can also find out at any time which teachers are currently teaching which class or which room is currently available.

The ‘Info timetable’ module makes timetables and substitution plans digital and you can display them on screens in break rooms. Additionally, you can send timetables, statistics and any other information to your teachers via email, and together with the ‘Substitution planning’ module they also receive the daily updated substitution data.