Lesson planning and value calculation

Distribute lessons among all teachers

The ‘Lesson planning and value calculation’ module supports you even before you start creating a timetable – during the planning of the teacher assignment. The (contractual) target periods of the teachers are always compared to the currently scheduled actual periods.

Lesson planning

One of the big administrative tasks when planning a new school year is the distribution of given tasks among the teachers. ‘Lesson planning’ supports you with many a tool, you can even automatically distribute the lessons among the teachers. You enter the teaching qualification and Untis does the rest for you.


Value calculation

With ‘Value calculation’, you can display answers to any questions regarding actual and target periods in individual weeks at a glance. Substitution periods can also be taken into account. You can access this and many other useful reports anytime.

Our experience over decades in this area has, for example, also led to the implementation of the new Hamburg teacher working time model in cooperation with Untis.