Multi-week timetable

Create the ideal timetable for your school

In everyday school life not all weeks look the same: Some lessons take place every two weeks, others every three weeks. Or the timetable changes as soon as the graduating classes have left school due to their final exams. All these irregularities in the timetable can be managed with the ‘Multi-week timetable’ module. 

The Multi-week timetable module has two important features:

First, you can manage lessons taking place irregularly in a timetable of otherwise regular lessons, e.g. a period of physical education taking place in the afternoon every second week or a photography workshop taking place once a month.

And you can also divide your timetable into different time ranges, i.e. terms. This is necessary whenever the timetable changes during the school year. If new teachers start teaching, for instance, at the beginning of a semester, you simply create a new term for this purpose. Within this term you can create a totally new timetable, although the existing timetable remains the same for the first half year.