Untis assists you in creating a timetable suitable for your school.

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Untis - timetable scheduling

Schedule your timetable smarter and faster – with Untis, the leading timetable software!

Deciding on Untis means that you decide on a software solution which makes your everyday school life easier and gives you more time to concentrate on your core taks.

Untis basic package

Creating and administrating a timetable is a complex task. Untis is our basic software which automatically creates timetables according to your specifications. Untis assists you in creating a timetable suitable for your school.

Our modules extend the features of the basic package, supporting you in various tasks even beyond creating a timetable (e.g. in substitution scheduling). 

And Untis Express offers you a lean, easy-to-use timetable program designed specifically for small schools with fewer complex requirements.


And this is how timetable scheduling works with Untis basic package:

Fast and easy entry of data

From creating a school year, subjects, classes and teachers to rooms and lessons - our entry wizard assists you in entering basic data and availabilities step by step.

Flexible timetable generator

The timetable scheduler defines and weights criteria (e.g. availability or time requests of classes, teachers, rooms and lessons), according to which the timetable is to be created:

  • When are lessons scheduled and which periods are not to be scheduled?
  • Which rooms are available at what time?
  • On how many days of the week is which subject to be taught in which class?
  • Which teacher can teach at which day?

Untis generates different timetables according to these and other criteria due to a unique algorithm, and the scheduler selects the best timetable from several possibilities.

Manual editing

Before or after your timetable is finished, you can schedule or change periods manually at any time. This is how you optimise your timetable even better according to your individual requirements, or react to changes on short notice. 

Diagnosis tool

An integrated diagnosis tool shows any discrepancies in your timetable which can occur, especially after manual editing.

Smarter and faster scheduling – with Untis, the leading timetable software

Choosing Untis means that you decide for a software solution, which will facilitate your everyday school life and which will give you more time to concentrate on other very important issues.
Additional modules extend the basic package features.

Multi-week timetable

Create the ideal timetable for your school

In everyday school life not all weeks look the same: Some lessons take place every two weeks, others every three weeks. Or the timetable changes as soon as the graduating classes have left school due to their final exams. All these irregularities in the timetable can be managed with the ‘Multi-week timetable’ module. 

The Multi-week timetable module has two important features:

First, you can manage lessons taking place irregularly in a timetable of otherwise regular lessons, e.g. a period of physical education taking place in the afternoon every second week or a photography workshop taking place once a month.

And you can also divide your timetable into different time ranges, i.e. terms. This is necessary whenever the timetable changes during the school year. If new teachers start teaching, for instance, at the beginning of a semester, you simply create a new term for this purpose. Within this term you can create a totally new timetable, although the existing timetable remains the same for the first half year.

Lesson planning and value calculation

Distribute lessons among all teachers

The ‘Lesson planning and value calculation’ module supports you even before you start creating a timetable – during the planning of the teacher assignment. The (contractual) target periods of the teachers are always compared to the currently scheduled actual periods.

Lesson planning

One of the big administrative tasks when planning a new school year is the distribution of given tasks among the teachers. ‘Lesson planning’ supports you with many a tool, you can even automatically distribute the lessons among the teachers. You enter the teaching qualification and Untis does the rest for you.


Value calculation

With ‘Value calculation’, you can display answers to any questions regarding actual and target periods in individual weeks at a glance. Substitution periods can also be taken into account. You can access this and many other useful reports anytime.

Our experience over decades in this area has, for example, also led to the implementation of the new Hamburg teacher working time model in cooperation with Untis.

Substitution planning

Get the best tool for substitutions

Which teachers are available as substitutions if a teacher gets ill? Are there potentially any standby teachers available? Is it perhaps possible for a period to be held earlier? The module most used worldwide supports you with powerful tools for substitution control, standby planning, events, swaps and much more.

If a teacher is absent, the open periods need to be distributed among the other teachers. The Substitution planning module provides you with solution suggestions with only one click to guarantee smooth operation even if a teacher is absent. You instantly see who among the teachers is available. Untis also shows you who among the teachers teaches the subject which needs to be substituted, and who already knows the class which needs substitution. Just one click and you see if other periods can be held earlier, and you of course also have the possibility to let Untis automatically schedule open substitution periods.


Statistics are also very important in everyday school life. Just a few clicks and you can generate different overviews, e.g. how many substitution periods and cancellations a teacher has already had in a certain time range. You specify which types of cancellation are counted negatively and which are not.


Break supervisions

Easy assignment of break supervisions

Are your students supervised in the breaks by teachers? Untis automatically assigns break supervisions to teachers according to your specifications.

You specify where and in which break your students need to be supervised and Untis does all the work for you. Existing timetables are taken into account, as well as any specifications you have defined regarding how many break supervisions teachers are allowed to do. You can of course schedule individual or all supervisions manually, and Untis will support you with any information you need.

Break supervision can be displayed in many ways, e.g. in the teachers’ timetables.

The Break supervision module interacts with Untis’ ‘Substitution planning’ module. If a colleague reports themselves ill, you can quickly find a substitution for his/her break supervisions as well.



Several people can work simultaneously on one timetable

Several people, e.g. timetable schedulers and substitution planners, want to work simultaneously on the same data set. Large educational institutions in particular must provide this option, which is made possible by Untis MultiUser.

With Untis MultiUser, your data are no longer saved in a local file but in a database (MS Access, MS SQL or MySQL). This allows several people to access and edit the same data set. Through a sophisticated rights’ system, you specify which users are permitted to see and edit different data areas. For instance, you can specify that employees of the head office have the right to see all timetables but are not permitted to change them.

The MultiUser database can save the data of several schools. This is necessary for educational institutions using resources such as sports halls or which employ teachers teaching at both schools.

Calendar and full year planning

Maximum flexibility for your planning

Work with real yearly periods. Unlike weekly periods, they can be scheduled at different positions each week.

This module makes it possible to work with real yearly periods. They can be distributed randomly over the school year, and their position in the timetable can even vary completely each week. The ‘Untis Calendar and full year planning’ module can automatically distribute the yearly periods across the school year according to your specifications.


Course planning

The ideal timetable for every student

Students can select their own courses and therefore have their own individual timetable. Course planning also shows which optional courses can be held simultaneously without students ending up with too many NTPs (non-teaching periods).

In many school systems, e.g. in Germany’s sixth form, students can select their lessons individually. This means that it is no longer the classes but the individual students who are the focus of the timetable planning. Since all students can select their courses individually, they have their own personal timetable.  

Course optimisation calculates clusters (lines) of lessons which can take place simultaneously. These clusters are then the basis of the algorithm calculating the timetable.  

The ‘Student timetable’ module is a scaled-down version of the Course planning module. This module is meant for school systems in which students have limited optional choices and relatively many compulsory courses.

With the ‘Course-student overview’ you can assign students to single courses and the optimisation calculates which optional courses can take place at the same time without students ending up with too many NTPs (non-teaching periods).

Department timetable

Create your timetable on a department level

Do you sometimes work decentrally on the timetable of individual departments? Untis gives you the opportunity to separate the overall timetable of the school into files for individual departments, and to merge them again later.

In larger educational institutions, individual departments sometimes work decentrally on their timetable. Untis gives you the opportunity to separate the overall timetable of the school into files for individual departments. After having completed the department timetables individually, you can merge them into one overall timetable and, if necessary, optimise it once again. This way the timetables.


You want to know more about Untis?

Have a look at our Untis demo slide show and get a first glimpse of Untis timetabling!

This is how well-organised your everyday work would be with Untis!

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Teacher Callas does not feel well and cannot hold her lessons.
Teacher and substitute scheduler Cervantes must quickly find an adequate substitute for her colleague Callas.
Substitute teacher Ander receives a push message and prepares for the substitute lesson.
Student Benjamin opens his up-dated timetable on his smart phone before his lessons start.
Teacher Cervantes' first lesson starts with checking her students' presence.
Teacher Cervantes makes a class register entry in her first teaching lesson of the day.
During lunch break, teacher Cervantes sends an interesting newspaper article to her biology class 2a.
In her NTP (non-teaching period), teacher Cervantes prepares her excursion with her biology class 2a on Friday.
Teacher Cervantes asks herself, whether the parents of class 2a have already read her message on their excursion on Friday.
Student Benjamin's parents register online for the up-coming parent-teacher day.
The term comes to an end, and scheduling (the timetable) for the following school year starts.


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