Untis Messenger

Simply communicate with your colleagues and students without any concerns

  • Say goodbye to WhatsApp – you only need Untis Messenger for your school communication
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Simply communicate

Fast communication via a messenger service is indispensable these days, including at school. Untis provides you with a data protection compliant alternative to WhatsApp. Additionally, parents can easily be included in the communication.

The new messenger for teachers and students

WebUntis’ integrated messenger is an excellent communication channel for your school.

Due to its comprehensive functionalities, it can easily replace all message platforms you’ve used so far.

Overview of all functions

Automatic creation of groups

It has never been so easy before to create groups. You can just take over your groups from WebUntis and all your students will be in the right channel.


Sending files

You can share important files for your class or group with Untis messenger at any time, or you can simply send a picture of the blackboard. Just one click and the whole class is informed.


Separating business and private communication

All Untis Messenger groups and channels are made available by teachers or the headmaster. Students can only communicate with each other with teachers included. Privacy is therefore protected, and business and private communication can be separated quite easily.  


Users of Untis Messenger are the same as in WebUntis

No additional passwords or email addresses necessary. Users of WebUntis can use their existing login data for Untis Messenger. They do not need to create new accounts and/or new user access and they do not need to forward their private telephone number. Just turn it on and start writing.


Compliant with all data protection regulations

The new Untis Messenger complies with all data protection regulations. WebUntis has been ISO-certified for years. Your data are saved securely and do not leave the European Union.