Parent-teacher day

Easy preparation of parent-teacher days and office hours

Easy digitalisation of parent-teacher days and office hours

From now on, the parent-teacher day module supports schools to organise their office hours digitally, to administer appointments for online registration, and parents to easily book a time slot with teachers. The entire process is digitalised, and with a few clicks a parent-teacher day or an office hour can be prepared and controlled online.

Organise parent-teacher days and office hours effortlessly with Untis

Online registration for parent-teacher days and office hours

The parent-teacher day module assists parents to register online from the comfort of their own home for appointments or office hours. This clear allocation of appointments results in no waiting times on the parent-teacher day.

If a teacher is not available at certain times, they can enter this in due time, and consequently these time slots cannot be booked. 

If a teacher wants to talk to a student, they invite them to the parent-teacher day. When the parents log into WebUntis the next time, they are invited to the parent-teacher day.


Overview of time slots

The teachers immediately see which time slots are booked in which room by which parents, and can prepare much better for the individual talks.

After the registration period both teachers and parents can download an overview of their booked time slots, and if necessary, also the respective rooms.

Preparation for conversations with parents

Digital data collection in the digital class register additionally makes a big selection of reports possible. Only a few clicks generate comprehensive analyses making perfect preparation for teachers for talks with parents easy. 


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Virtual conversations

Appointments can be scheduled online and can also be held online. The parents and teachers meet at the agreed time for a video conference on the preferred platform (e.g.: MS Teams, Hangouts, Zoom, ...) and meet virtually.


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Want to know more about the digital organisation of parent-teacher days?

Have a look at our WebUntis demo slide show and get a first glimpse of WebUntis.

This is how well-organised your everyday work would be with Untis!

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Teacher Callas does not feel well and cannot hold her lessons.
Teacher and substitute scheduler Cervantes must quickly find an adequate substitute for her colleague Callas.
Substitute teacher Ander receives a push message and prepares for the substitute lesson.
Student Benjamin opens his up-dated timetable on his smart phone before his lessons start.
Teacher Cervantes' first lesson starts with checking her students' presence.
Teacher Cervantes makes a class register entry in her first teaching lesson of the day.
During lunch break, teacher Cervantes sends an interesting newspaper article to her biology class 2a.
In her NTP (non-teaching period), teacher Cervantes prepares her excursion with her biology class 2a on Friday.
Teacher Cervantes asks herself, whether the parents of class 2a have already read her message on their excursion on Friday.
Student Benjamin's parents register online for the up-coming parent-teacher day.
The term comes to an end, and scheduling (the timetable) for the following school year starts.


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Teachers can make simple changes, such as changing a room, themselves and they also can schedule additional events.

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Online timetable scheduling

Simple timetables can be scheduled or optimised online.

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Online substitution planning

React to any changes. Manage substitution planning online or via the app. New features such as a substitution exchange include your colleagues immediately.

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Class register

Paperless organisation is finally here! The electronic class register makes your school process digital. Absences and teaching contents can be entered and evaluated online. Additionally, you can manage grades.

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Parent-teacher day

Parents, legal guardians and training enterprises can register online for appointments on parent-teacher days.

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Provide students with the opportunity to register online for a course, and therefore digitalise elaborate processes.

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Mit dem Schuljahreskalender für WebUntis (made by Untis Development) können Schultermine und Veranstaltungen zielgruppengenau angelegt und in Form eines Kalenders oder einer Liste angezeigt werden.

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Mit dem Modul Noten (made by Untis Development) können Noten flexibel strukturiert, eingetragen, dargestellt und übersichtlich veranschaulicht werden.

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Untis Mobile App

With our official smartphone and tablet app for Android, iOS you always have your updated timetable at hand which makes you more flexible and more mobile.

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Integrierte Messenger

Unsere vier Messenger-Drittanbieter bieten eine datenschutzkonforme Alternative zu WhatsApp & Co und ermöglichen somit eine schnelle und sichere Schulkommunikation.

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WebUntis keeps you up-dated all the time, you keep control of everything and have more time for the important tasks in your everyday school routine. With different applications for all platforms:  At your computer at school, via internet at home and via your smart phone or tablet when you are on tour.

Experience a demonstration of our program for an insight into its diversity of features and functions.

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