Untis works closely with school authorities

Simple and practicable tools for users

Untis works closely with school authorities to offer schools simple and practicable tools. For example, substitution statistics can be automatically calculated from the daily timetable at the press of a button at the end of the week or month and can bei made available with Untis Central. A manual accounting on the substitution cases and evaluation is not necessary any more. 

A close cooperation already exists with the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research in Austria or the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg. Numerous regionally adapted statistics (Hamburg, Bremen, Schools in Lower Austria  ...) demonstrate the flexibility of Untis and WebUntis as billing and documentation tools.

Transparency and usability

For maximum transparency and user-friendliness, there has recently been a great opportunity to provide individual statistics to teaching staff via WebUntis online in a personal, password-protected area. This means that personalized invoices no longer have to be sent by e-mail or printed out.

Personally, via phone or email – when you want, we are here for you.

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