Untis for everybody involved in everyday school life

Schedulers, teachers, parents and legal guardians, students

  • Our products make your everyday school life smoother
  • Everybody involved saves time and nerves
  • Helps you to concentrate on the important tasks in your everyday school life

Benefits for everybody involved in everyday school life

Our products are a comprehensive solution bringing about individual benefits for everybody involved in everyday school life.

  • Schedulers

  • create simple to complex timetables for all school types in a professional way
  • find matching substitutes or available rooms in no time
  • easy scheduling of teaching units and break supervisions
  • manage administrative tasks also online
  • collect data digitally and get them analysed easily
  • Teachers

  • digital class register with attendance check, class register entries, and much more
  • digital organisation of school appointments such as parent-teacher days, etc.
  • safe & fast school communication (communication with parents)
  • important information (e.g. timetable) always at hand
  • fast and easy switch to distance learning
  • Parents & Legal guardians

  • important information (e.g. timetable of your child) always at hand
  • keep control of your child’s school appointments
  • online booking of appointments and time slots for parent-teacher days and office hours
  • safe & fast school communication (e.g. with teachers)
  • sending a read receipt for letters to parents
  • Students

  • up-dated timetable always and everywhere at hand
  • changes (e.g. cancellation of period) are immediately up-dated in your timetable
  • keep control of school appointments, homework, excursions, etc.
  • safe & fast school communication (e.g. with teachers)
  • be informed - always and everywhere


Professional scheduling of periods and substitutions for all school types

Untis supports you in many administrative tasks:  creating professional timetables for all school types, finding matching substitutes or available rooms, and scheduling teaching units and break supervisions, etc. Additionally, with WebUntis, our online extenstion, make scheduling of periods and substitutes possible online, as well. 

Digital collection of all data of the school year makes it possible to always have access to a large selection of reports, such as a comparison of target and actual periods of teachers. 

Therefore, you are always up-to-date, keep control of everything, and have more time to concentrate on important tasks in your everyday school routine.


Digital organisation of lessons and school appointments, and management of parent communication 

With our digital class register, school processes are digitalised, and lessons can be organized effortlessly. All conventional features and functions of a class register and much more: Digital attendence check, various types of class register entries, analyses for preparing for parent-teacher days, ...

Digitally coordinate school appointments such as parent-teacher days, homework, exams or excursions, and keep them under control.

With WebUntis messages, you can easily and safely reach out to all parents and teachers, and can request read receipts for letters to parents or other important announcements. With our Untis Mobile app, school communication and important information such as up-dated timetables, or switches to distance learning are always at hand with your smart phone.

Additionally, processes such as room and resource management, but also course coordination are digitalised. This brings about better and ideal utilisation of rooms and resources, and courses can be coordinated easily. 

Parents and legal guardians

Keep control of important school information and your children's appointments

With WebUntis, you can keep control of all of your child's school appointments such as homework, exams or excursions, and you can register online and without any stress for a parent-teacher day or office hours from the comfort of your own home. Due to online registering for appointments and time slots, there won't be any waiting times on parent-teacher days any more. 

With WebUntis messages, you can communicate safely and directly with your child’s teachers, and send read receipts for digital letters to parents or any other important announcements. With our Untis Mobile app, you additionally have any school communication and important information such as the up-dated timetable or your child’s appointments always at hand on your smart phone.


Your daily up-dated timetable, school appointments and any school communication always at hand on your smart phone

With WebUntis, you always have access to your up-dated timetable from anywhere. You are always well informed on time, subject, class and room of the lesson.  Additionally, you are always up-to-date on any adjustments of your timetable such as substitutions, cancellations, room changes or switches to distant learning. 

You keep control of any school appointments such as  homework, exams or excursions, and new appointments can be coordinated much easier.  

With WebUntis messages, you can communicate exchange files with your class and your teachers directly any time. With our Untis Mobile app, you always have access to any school communication and important information such as your up-dated timetable and your school appointments on your smart phone.

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Teacher Callas does not feel well and cannot hold her lessons.
Teacher and substitute scheduler Cervantes must quickly find an adequate substitute for her colleague Callas.
Substitute teacher Ander receives a push message and prepares for the substitute lesson.
Student Benjamin opens his up-dated timetable on his smart phone before his lessons start.
Teacher Cervantes' first lesson starts with checking her students' presence.
Teacher Cervantes makes a class register entry in her first teaching lesson of the day.
During lunch break, teacher Cervantes sends an interesting newspaper article to her biology class 2a.
In her NTP (non-teaching period), teacher Cervantes prepares her excursion with her biology class 2a on Friday.
Teacher Cervantes asks herself, whether the parents of class 2a have already read her message on their excursion on Friday.
Student Benjamin's parents register online for the up-coming parent-teacher day.
The term comes to an end, and scheduling (the timetable) for the following school year starts.


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