Scheduling with Untis

Lessons, timetable, substitutions, rooms, break supervisions, ...

  • Create professional timetables for all school types
  • Schedule substitutions or break supervisions quickly and easily
  • Room and resource management always under your control
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Schedule smarter with Untis

Choosing Untis means that you decide for a software solution, which will facilitate your everyday school life and which will give you more time to concentrate on other very important issues.

Schedule lessons with Untis

Untis assists you in creating a timetable suitable for your school.

Creating complex timetables, quickly finding an adequate substitution or an unoccupied room, planning of teaching units and break supervisions are only a few administrative tasks which need to be managed in a school. Untis, the leading timetable software, not only supports you by fully automatically creating timetables according to individual requirements  but also with many other administrative tasks even beyond creating a timetable. With Untis, everybody is always up-to-date, you have everything under control and you have more time to concentrate on other very important issues.


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WebUntis supports you in managing administrative tasks online.

WebUntis, our online extension, keeps everybody involved – students, parents and teachers – always and everywhere up-to-date on time, subject, class and room of the lesson by their individual and daily up-dated timetables and substitution schedules. Additionally, you can manage online administrative tasks effectively and in a structured way.

  • Online timetable scheduling: You can schedule und optimise simple timetables with WebUntis. 
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  • Online substitution scheduling: With this web-based solution, you can react immediately to a change and schedule substitutions online.
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Want to know more about scheduling timetables and substitutions in Untis and WebUntis?

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This is how well-organised your everyday work would be with Untis!

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Teacher Callas does not feel well and cannot hold her lessons.
Teacher and substitute scheduler Cervantes must quickly find an adequate substitute for her colleague Callas.
Substitute teacher Ander receives a push message and prepares for the substitute lesson.
Student Benjamin opens his up-dated timetable on his smart phone before his lessons start.
Teacher Cervantes' first lesson starts with checking her students' presence.
Teacher Cervantes makes a class register entry in her first teaching lesson of the day.
During lunch break, teacher Cervantes sends an interesting newspaper article to her biology class 2a.
In her NTP (non-teaching period), teacher Cervantes prepares her excursion with her biology class 2a on Friday.
Teacher Cervantes asks herself, whether the parents of class 2a have already read her message on their excursion on Friday.
Student Benjamin's parents register online for the up-coming parent-teacher day.
The term comes to an end, and scheduling (the timetable) for the following school year starts.


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