The future of Untis starts now.

More speed. More design. More flexibility.

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Untis, WebUntis and Untis Mobile now have more flexibility, more design and more speed. Wherever you are, your data from Untis, WebUntis and Untis Mobile are synchronised quickly, easily and automatically. The next generation WebUntis provides you with a new interface, a new menu navigation and new features such as online substitution planning.

Advance to the roots

For more than 50 years we have been developing our (time)table and continuously working on new solutions to facilitate your everyday work in school. We want it to stay that way, so we continue working on our products and coming up with new ideas that go beyond scheduling. While developing new features and constantly improving our applications, we learn from our users worldwide.

Discover Untis Now

More flexibility.

Our new substitution planning makes it possible to schedule substitutions either in Untis, WebUntis or in our Untis Mobile app.


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More design.

WebUntis and Untis Mobile have a new design. The new user interface is more comfortable and flexible than ever before.


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More speed.

Our new technology synchronises substitution plans in real time between Untis and WebUntis, Untis Mobile receives any changes via push notification.


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As of summer 2020, you can decide whether you want to change to the new interface. Before you decide, you can try it out in our playground.  

For more information on this new interface, please visit our help centre. If you have any questions, please contact your distribution partner, who will guide you through the change