Untis Express

Timetable solution for smaller schools

Untis Express is an easy-to-use timetable program designed specifically for small schools.



And this is how it all works:

Fast and easy entry of data

Our entry wizard assists you in entering basic data and availabilities step by step. Which teachers, classes, rooms and subjects are available at your school? On how many days do lessons take place and how many subjects are only taught in the morning? You answer these and other questions together with Untis.


Flexible timetable generator

You define the criteria on which your timetable will be based. Untis generates different timetables with a unique algorithm and then you choose the one which suits you best.  


Manual editing and Diagnosis tool

Before or after your timetable is finished, you can schedule or change periods manually at any time. This is how you optimise your timetable even more, or react to changes on short notice. 

An integrated diagnosis tool shows any discrepancies in your timetable which can occur, especially after manual editing.

Get the best tool for substitutions

Untis Express can be extended by the cover planning module, which contains the most important functions for creating daily timetables. Which teacher is available for a substitution, if a teacher falls ill? Which teachers have free time if a group is out for an excursion? The cover planning module solves these questions. Of course you have the statistical overview of all substitutions held.


In combination with WebUntis, Untis Express provides a perfect platform for digitally informing teachers and students about hourly and substitute schedules, or keeping the digital class register.

Untis Express is interesting for you if ...


  • you want to do timetabling at a smaller (basic) school


  • your school has a less complex timetable

For big schools with complex requirements we offer the full version of Untis. 



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