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Easy collaboration with students, teachers and parents
Flexibility with extending modules

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Individual, bespoke timetable for every student

On the desktop and on the go

Up-to-date at all times

Always up to date

With our official smartphone and tablet application you always have your timetable up-to-date and at hand

Online substitution planning

Smarter and faster planning

Online substitution planning

Accessible from anywhere

With WebUntis’ substitution planning you can react to any changes immediately and every person can access the timetable and the cover schedule from wherever they are.


When teachers are absent due to illness or other circumstances ...

The first step in the substitution plan is to enter absences. These can be entered by the administration or school management. Depending on the setting, teachers can also enter their own absences.


It’s so easy to find a suitable substitution quickly

Asking teachers

Teachers can also be easily asked

Using the feature "Ask teachers" you can send requests to teachers so that they can decide if they want to do the substitution.

Solve open substituions

Publish solutions

Teachers receive push notifications on their mobile phones and see the changed schedule in their timetable.

Class register

All the functions of a traditional class register and more


Absences and teaching contents can be entered and evaluated online.

Additionally, you can manage grades.

Plan your lessons

Teachers enter the teaching content of each class

Teachers enter the teaching content of each class (from home if they wish) and special functions for class teachers make administrative tasks child's play.

Information about the lesson

Easy and quick lesson preparation.

In this way, you can quickly enter class register and teaching material entries.


Just a few clicks for comprehensive analyses

The electronic collection of data allows you to generate a large selection of reports at any time.


Parent-teacher day

Register online for appointments on parent-teacher days.

Parents, legal guardians and training enterprises can register online for appointments on parent-teacher days.

Parent-teacher day

Easy preparation of parent-teacher days

The parent-teacher day module enables parents to book an appointment with teachers prior to the parent-teacher day.

Keep track of things

Appointment & room overview

Appointment overviews and room overviews with all the important information about the Parent-teacher day are displayed with one click.

Untis Messenger

Simply communicate with your colleagues and students without any concerns

Automatic creation of groups

It has never been so easy before to create groups.

You can just take over your groups from WebUntis and all your students will be in the right channel.

Simply communicate

All Untis Messenger groups and channels are made available by teachers or the headmaster. Students can only communicate with each other with teachers included. Privacy is therefore protected, and business and private communication can be separated.

Sending files

Just one click and the whole class is informed.

You can share important files for your class or group with Untis messenger at any time, or you can simply send a picture of the blackboard. Just one click and the whole class is informed.

Online timtable scheduling

Simple timetables can be planned and optimized online.

Online timtable scheduling

Quick and easy entry step by step.

Our entry wizard assists you in entering basic data and availabilities step by step.

Online timetable scheduling

You define the criteria on which your timetable will be based.

Untis generates different timetables with a unique algorithm and then you choose the one which suits you best.

Online timetable scheduling


Optimieren Sie mit einem Klick Ihren Stundenplan.

Online timetable scheduling

Manual editing

Before or after your timetable is finished, you can schedule or change periods manually at any time. This is how you optimise your timetable even more, or react to changes on short notice.
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