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A day at school with Untis

Untis supports you in fulfilling your tasks efficiently and paperlessly. This gives you more time for your core tasks.


Teacher Stocker is ill and cannot come to work

She reports ill simply by using the app. Her report of absence goes directly to “WebUntis - Substitution planning” and the scheduler immediately knows what needs to be done. Teacher Stocker also leaves a note for the substitution teacher who will cover her lesson.

Online substitution planning

Mr Müllner needs to quickly find an adequate substitution teacher

Due to several reports of illness, Mr Müllner, the school’s scheduler, quickly needs to find an adequate substitution teacher. He can do this online from home.

Online substitution planning

Student Stefan wonders if his sports lesson is today or tomorrow.

He just takes a quick look at his phone before he enters the school building. Untis’ mobile app shows Stefan his up-to-date timetable any time he needs it and informs him via push message of the most important events such as substitutions and cancellations.

Untis Mobile

Substitution teacher Hauer substitutes class 4B

Ms Hauer substitutes a German period for Ms Stocker. She checks the attendance of all students via the digital class register. At the end of the period, she writes a note to Ms Stocker in the class register, telling her how much of the planned material they managed to get through.

Class register

Teacher Huber ends his lesson with class 7A

Shortly before the break, Mr Huber takes a picture of the blackboard and sends it to the whole class with just one click.

Untis Messenger

Scheduling for the next school year is about to begin

Step by step you are assisted by an entry wizard when entering basic data and availabilities. Which teachers, classes, rooms and subjects are available in the coming school year?

Untis timetable software

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