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Untis is the comprehensive solution for creating timetables, scheduling lessons and for school communication

  • Digital class register and parent-teacher days: Easy online organisation of school appointments
  • Scheduling of timetables and substitutions: Professionally created timetables for all school types
  • School communication: Easy cooperation  between teachers, parents and students
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A day at school with Untis

Untis with its entire product range supports you in fulfilling your tasks efficiently and paperlessly. This gives you more time for your core tasks.


Teacher Callas is ill and cannot teach.

Teacher Callas reports ill via Untis Mobile app. Her report of absence goes directly to WebUntis Substitution scheduling.

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Teacher and substitution scheduler Cervantes needs to quickly find an adequate substitution teacher for her colleagues Callas.

Ms Cervantes teaches biology in class 2a, and additionally, she is responsible for substitution scheduling. Before school starts, Ms Cervantes has a look in the online substitution scheduling module, and sees that her colleague Callas has reported ill. Ms Cervantes quickly finds an adequate substitute teacher and publishes the changes in the timetable.

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Substitute teacher Ander receives a push message and starts preparing for his substitution period.

Mr. Ander who is scheduled to substitute Ms Callas, receives a push message on his smart phone informing him on the new substitution period. He wants to prepare for his substitution and has a look into the digital class register to get information on the teaching content entered for this period.

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Student Benjamin opens the up-dated timetable on his smart phone before school starts.

Benjamin is a student of class 2a. A quick look on his smart phone before school starts shows Benjamin (and his parents) the change in the timetable immediately after Ms Cervantes published it.

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Ms Cervantes' school day starts, and she checks the attendance of her students.

Ms Cervantes starts off her school day with her biology class 2a.

First, she checks the attendance of her students in the digital class register, and sees that a few students have already been reported ill by the head office. In addition to the students already reported ill, she realises that another student is absent. She sets him to absend in the digital class register.

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Teacher Cervantes makes an entry into the digital class register in her first period of the day.

The entire 2a class is very committed in today's biology lesson. Ms Cervantes wants to make a positive note, which she enters into the digital class register.

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In her non-teaching period, teacher Cervantes gets prepared for her excursion with her biology class 2a on Friday.

Ms Cervantes has her non-teaching period, and wants to make use of it by get prepared for the next school day.

On Friday, she plans to visit the natural history museum with her biology class 2a. She wants to communicate the most important information to the parents of her biology class. Therefore, she writes a message and requests a read receipt (letter to parents).

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Teacher Cervantes wonders, whether the parents of class 2a have already read the message on the excursion on Friday.

A little later, Ms Cervantes has a look at the read receipt list, and sees that Benjamin's parents have already sent a read receipt.

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Student Benjamin's parents register online for the up-coming parent-teacher day.

Benjamin's parents remember that a parent-teacher day will take place next week. They register online for a time slot of the respective teachers. The online registration prevents waiting times for parents and Ms Cervantes sees in details, when which parents will come see her.

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The semester is coming to an end and scheduling of the next school year starts.

Timetable scheduler Gauss prepares for the up-coming school year, and starts with scheduling the timetable with Untis. Step by step he is supported by the entry wizard when entering the basic data and availabilities. Which teachers, classes, rooms and subjects are available for the up-coming year?

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