About Us

Creating a timetable is a complex task.

Untis assists you in generating a timetable suitable for the needs of your school. Its online extension, WebUntis, additionally supports your everyday school life with its many features.  



Untis is...

... for planning, taking decisions and having information always at hand; for everybody who is responsible for planning: for teachers and students; regardless of whether in schools, universities, institutes of applied sciences or any other educational institution.

Our vision

»Our vision is based on the idea of making everyday life at schools easier.«


Untis is there to help bring all the parties in a school – teachers, students, parents and the administration – closer together, in order to save time and to concentrate on the most important issue of all: your lessons and taking care of your students.

In addition to Untis’ special expertise in our field, our strengths especially lie in our personal customer service and partnership-based cooperation with customers.

Our values

  • Focus on our customers and service
  • Continuity and reliability
  • Top quality and sustainability
  • Security and continuing development

Ongoing development guarantees that Untis always meets the latest developments and requirements of our customers.

Our history

50 years Gruber & Petters

Very early in life, Bernhard Gruber and Heinz Petters had one thing in common: their fascination with computers and programming. In January 1970, the two gentlemen invented the first timetable scheduling programme for schools with the mainframe computer S/360 from IBM. The programming language they used at that time was called Assembler.

In 2020, Bernhard Gruber and Heinz Petters will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their company, and while both enjoy looking back, they also like to look ahead. Gruber & Petters has been renamed Untis, and today, more than 50 employees work in the departments of development, marketing & sales, support and administration.



Christian Gruber, Co-CEO
M: christian.gruber(at)untis.at
Ruben Ruiz Torrubiano, Co-CEO, CTO
M: ruben.rtorrubiano(at)untis.at


Lorenz Petters
Belvederegasse 11
2000 Stockerau
M: lorenz.petters(at)untis.at
W: www.untis.at
Radu Costin
Belvederegasse 11
2000 Stockerau
M: radu.costin(at)untis.at
W: www.untis.at
Thomas Kofler
Belvederegasse 11
2000 Stockerau
M: thomas.kofler(at)untis.at
W: www.untis.at
Andreas Domnanovich
Belvederegasse 11
2000 Stockerau
M: andreas.domnanovich(at)untis.at
W: www.untis.at
Jared Fürst
Belvederegasse 11
2000 Stockerau
M: jared.fuerst(at)untis.at
W: www.untis.at
Ludwig Reinwein
Belvederegasse 11
2000 Stockerau
M: ludwig.reinwein(at)untis.at
W: www.untis.at

Who are we? And how can you become a member of the Untis family?

We at Untis live our vision. And if we want to improve the working lives of others, we need to start with our own company first. We develop products which we believe in, and a strong, diverse, family-like team of curious, creative people support each other in their work.

Working at Untis means that you have plenty of opportunities and a pleasant, productive working atmosphere in a modern, family-owned company.


Current job offers


International offer

Our products are used all over the world

Our products are used all over the world and are available in 35 languages. For a long time, timetables have been successfully generated in countries like Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, but also in South and Central America, Spain, Portugal, Poland, France, Italy and South Africa. In line with our principle of keeping data uncompromisingly upwards and downwards compatible, the data is also sideways compatible in all language versions.


Where we work determines how we work

Our headquarters are situated close to Vienna in Stockerau, Lower Austria. Additionally, we have regional distribution partners worldwide. This is how we increase regional closeness, and guarantee individual and comprehensive support.