WebUntis 2019.6.7 Release Notes

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WebUntis 2019.6.7 Release Notes

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WebUntis 2019.6.7 Release Notes

1) New Implementations


The integrated Messenger in WebUntis is ideal as a communication channel at your school. With its extensive functionality, it can easily replace existing message platforms.

Untis offers with its messenger a data protection compliant alternative to WhatsApp.

Unlock now in WebUntis and test for free for 5 months!

You can read more about Untis Messenger functionality and how to use it in FAQ for users:
Untis Messenger FAQ für Lehrkräfte und SchülerInnen
This pdf is also linked in Untis Messenger under gear-symbol > „Support & FAQ“.

There is also an FAQ for admins mostly about activation and a few more questions:
Untis Messenger FAQ für Admins

Both FAQs are also online here:

2) Fixed Bugs

2019.6.0 (released 13.03.2019)

• importing lessons created from courses to Untis don’t create duplicate lessons anymore
• „FMD import“ from WebUntis also works again for December
• playground > delete user: we removed a wrong error message
• “grade overview“ > “create report”: now works with all data
• monitor views: fixed an issue
• LDAP users are not asked to change their password anymore
• “ICS-calendars” can be created and downloaded again
• module “Students“: “Courses > Courses“: can see “activities” again
• Internet Explorer and Edge > open report: browser doesn’t get stuck anymore
• fixed an issue when creating Playgrounds
• “report” > download (after logout): now you get “Please log in!”
• „parentsday" translations added

2019.6.1 (released 19.03.2019)
• “Untis Mobile for Windows”: an issue got fixed

2019.6.2 (released 20.03.2019)
• shift period after removed second room in target period works now

2019.6.4 (released 02.04.2019)
• exams at same time on different days don’t block each other anymore

2019.6.5 (released 15.04.2019)
• all „break supervisions“ are shown in WebUntis again

2019.6.7 (released 14.05.2019)
• „class register”: class-teacher can now see all own class register entries in ALL classes
Gregor Latzel
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