Several timetables per page

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Click on <Settings> under 'Page layout' to access further printout options. The settings options vary depending on the timetable format. The following descriptions apply to individual timetables with formats 1 and 10:





Timetables per page

Specify how many timetables you wish to print on one page. The example shows a page containing 6 timetables.




The print details are stored separately for each timetable layout. It is therefore quite easy to store individual settings for different printing requirements.







Check the option 'One timetable for each week', if you wish to print a separate timetable per week for each selected element. In addition, the field 'School week' can also be used to specify which weeks should be printed. If this field remains empty, those weeks will be printed that were selected under <Settings>. This is a particularly useful option for schools with irregular lessons. Check the option 'New page for each element', if you wish timetables to start on a new page for each new class or teacher.