The absences window

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The absences window supports you in collecting and editing absences. You open the absence window via the <Absences> button.





Alternatively, you can open the absences window by a right-click into the background of cover scheduling. Select 'Absences' from the context menu.





The window has different segments.


Segment 1: Toolbar

In the toolbar there are several functions you already know from other fields of the program, e.g. the filtering function.

Via the <Delete>VP_19_020button you can delete any absences you have already entered. By deleting an absence, any substitutions caused by the absence will automatically be deleted. A substitution alone, however, cannot be deleted.


Segment 2: Date range

In this segment you select the date range you would like to enter an absence for or want to have a look at.


Segment 3: Settings of date range

The absences window can show either a day, a week or a user-defined time range. You make your choice by clicking on the calendar iconVP_19_021in the absences window or via <Settings>VP_19_022.


Segment 4: Tabs

In this segment you select for which element you want to create an absence. The number in the brackets shows how many absences have already been created in the selected time range.


Segment 5: Entering

This segment is for entering an absence.