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GradesWebUntis 2019 provides teachers with a grade matrix for entering grades.


Go to <Lessons> | <My lessons> | <Students in lessons> (icon in the 'Student' column) | 'Grade matrix' button.


In the following an example:





Teacher Aristotle can enter all grades of existing examinations. Vertically all students and horizontally all tests are listed - in our example you have two tests and one review check.

The column 'Grade suggestions' proposes a grade for the respective semester or school year depending on the weighting of the respective type of examination. In the column for overall grade, the teacher can select an overall grade per student.


Click on a cell, e.g. 'Review check' for student Marina and the following view opens:





Depending on which type of examination and grading scheme, you can select different grades.




Note: overall grade

You need to allow entering an overall grade for the entire school year. Go to <Master data> | <School years>.




Note: Grade suggestion

You need to select an overall grading scheme in order to activate grade suggestions per student. Go to <Master data> | <Grading scheme>.