Specified time requests

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Here you see the time request window of the teacher Newton:




The following time requests are active:


Monday and Tuesday, periods 7 and 8: '-2'. If possible, Newton whould rather not have lessons scheduled in these periods.


Wednesday, all day: '-3'. This means that Wednesday is definitely blocked , i.e. teacher Newton is not available to teach on Wednesdays.


Thursday (pm): '+3'; Newton wants to teach periods in the afternoon (periods 6 – 8).


Please note that time requests for entire days and half-days can be entered on the right-hand side of the time grid (bottom part of window). This speciality will be described later in detail.



Entering time requests

If you want to enter new time requests, click on the respective button and highlight the respective cells.





Please not that the button remains active until you click on it again, i.e. you can enter additional time requests of the same kind by clicking on the respective fields in the time request grid.


Delet time requests

Deletes time requests for certain periods or blocks of periods by highlighting the cells and clicking on <Delete>.