Database export

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This info timetable function can be used to export data from Untis for further processing by other applications. If you use the cover planning module the data contain the latest timetable including substitution scheduling.


The export data are output in simple ASCII (txt) files for which you can write a script in order to display the latest timetable or to import them into a database. Click on the <Info timetable> toolbar icon and then activate the “Database” tab. This is where all the settings for database export are made.





In the upper section of the window you can specify an export directory where the output will be saved.

As the timetables and substitution lists that are exported contain up-to-date information it is important to specify a starting date defining which week to begin with. Untis provides assistance for input allowing access to the following fixed data:





Beginning of school data: the date defined under "Settings | School data" as the beginning of the school year

Current date: today's date

Date of scheduling: the date entered via the calendar

Last date: the date that an export was last performed.


After defining the number of weeks to be exported (here 4), you can launch the export process by clicking on the <Export> button. For a technical description of the exported data please refer to chapterTechnical description of database export.