Event with one class and one teacher

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Class 1a is going on an excursion with teacher "Arist" on a Wednesday in the school year


1.Open file demo5.gpn and set the calendar to a Wednesday where no substitutions have yet occurred.

2.Open the event window via the context menu (right mouse-button) or click on the <Events> buttonVP_19_030in the cover scheduling toolbar.

3.Enter class 1a in column "Cla." and teacher Arist in column "Tea.". Select reason of absence "EX - Excursion".





Note: Counting of the event

The "reason" is relevant only for the counting of substitutions, cancellations and releases that occur because of the event (see chapter Events and substitution counter ).


4.Click the <Substitutions>. The open substitutions, releases and cancellations caused by the event are displayed.