Teacher assignment

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Teacher assignment With automatic teacher assignment ('Modules | Lesson planning | Teacher qualifications') lessons with a ?-teacher entry as teacher are automatically assigned a suitable teacher. Teacher suitability is determined on the basis of several factors:

Teaching qualification : The teacher must be qualified to take the lesson (entry in teacher master data). If no qualifications have been entered, teacher assignment is aborted.

Teacher’s weekly plan : Automatic teacher assignment attempts to assign as many periods to each teacher as there are in his/her weekly plan. The weekly plan may only be exceeded if no other teacher is available to take the lesson. If no weekly plan has been entered, teacher assignment is aborted with an error message



Teacher assignment

The system first determines the subject that is the most difficult to assign on the basis of the number of open periods and the teaching qualifications available (please also refer to Subject bottlenecks' under 'Modules | Lesson planning | Teacher qualification' for more information). For this subject the system searches for the lessons with the most periods and assigns them the most suitable teacher. From the teachers who are qualified to teach the subject, the system assigns the one who needs most periods to fulfil his/her weekly plan.


If you have opened a class lessons windows ('Classes | Lessons') and check option 'Teacher assignment for the active view' the ?-teachers will only be replaced for this one class.



Note: Departments

If departments have been entered for the classes the application will ask if these should be taken into consideration. If there are multiple class couplings only the department of the first class in the coupling line will count. (Only with department timetable module)