Input fields for all master data

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The following fields are found in all types of master data.






This is the unique (short) name. The short name is used by the application internally to identify the element concerned. A name must be specified for every element.



Note: No duplicate names

It is theoretically possible to give elements of different types the same name, e.g. 1a for class 1a and for room 1a. Names are also case-sensitive. It is therefore possible to name one class 1a and another class 1A. We would urge you not to take either of these approaches.


Full name

This is where a (long) informative name can be specified that also appears on your printed reports. This entry is optional but recommended.



Explanatory text can be entered for each element.



Descriptions are master data in their own right with (short) name and full name. They make sense when descriptions apply to several elements. You select to see the short or full name of the relevant descriptions when printing elements and in views.


Statistics codes

You can define any number of statistics codes (separated by commas) for each element. You can for example create well-defined sub-categories for printed reports using these statistics codes. Please refer to chapter Filtering for more information.


Marked (m)

The Marked (m) code can be set for any element. For certain functions such as printing (timetables or master data) or serial changes you can specify whether only the marked elements should be selected for editing.





Lock (X)

Lessons containing an element that is locked will be 'frozen' in the timetable. The lesson periods will not be moved during subsequent optimisation.


Ignore (I)

Lessons containing an element for which the 'Ignore' flag has been set will be ignored in the timetable, i.e. it will be neither scheduled nor displayed. The (period) value of the lesson will however be included when calculating totals for teachers and classes.


In addition, elements for which the ignore flag has been set will not be exported via some interfaces.


Don't print (N)

If this flag is set no timetables or lesson overviews will be printed for the element concerned.


Time requests

This field cannot be edited. The box is checked automatically whenever time requestsare entered for an element.